Löwen – schlecht gelaunt 2000 Teile Lege-Größe 90 x 67 cm Foto-Puzzle Bild von

LS COLLECTIBLES - 1 18 - JAGUAR XJ6 - 1982 - LS025F

LSLM060 LOOKSMART 1 43 Ferrari 250 LM th Le Mans 1969 T. Zeccoli-S. Posey Lotus 24 R.Penske 1962 N.14 9Th Us Gp 1 43 Spark S2140 Model 7
LTD Edition 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Map of Staffordshire 1648 by Johan Blaeu

Lucy Sing & Dance Plush Interactive Soft Fur Bright Eyes & Floppy Ears Puppy Lotus 25 Gp Belgio 1963 1° Jim Clark World Champion F1 Brumm 1 43 R331-CH

You recall how the cat named Pusic is very affectionate and very much spoiled by his family. Like many cats, he loves to play with toilet paper. So his humans lined an entire room with toilet paper for Pusic to play in!

Lukas Schmidt Playmat 48 x 48 Playmat - Dropfleet Commander 3 MINT
Luke Skywalker Farmboy 1977 STAR WARS Complete VINTAGE Original B2 HK Coo

The Surprisingly Dirty Fight Over Drying Your Hands


When you visit a public restroom, do you prefer to dry your hands with paper towels or an air dryer? Each has their drawbacks. Paper towels run out, and fill up waste baskets as well as landfills. Air dryers are loud, take too long, and sometimes don't work. Some studies show that they blow bacteria around. And for a lot of folks, public restrooms are all about the germs.

The holy grail for such phobists is the contactless restroom. In the industry, people speak with shining eyes about this ideal chamber, where our hands need not touch anything that other hands have defiled. Already, we enter some airport bathrooms through a brief switchback of walls, so that we don’t ever grasp a door handle. Once inside, sensors can eliminate the need to yank the flush, turn the tap, jab at the soap dispenser or pull a paper towel from the dispenser. The modern hand dryer, with no buttons to push, ought to fit neatly into this fantasy of the zero-contact loo. Instead, towel companies are convinced that dryers are the filthy exception to the rule, and that the singular safe item to touch in a public restroom is an old-school leaf of rough, thick paper.

Do you recall cloth towels in public restrooms? They came in a roll, and you pulled down a clean section to use. Those went away when industrial linen services faded. Now paper manufacturers have a lot of clout, but so do air dryer manufacturers, and Dyson went big when they introduced the Airblade hand dryer. They are locked in a battle for supremacy in public restrooms. The Guardian has a deep dive into the history of hand-drying, and the battle between paper towels and air dryers. -via Lotus 49B M.Andretti GP USA 1968 (Quartzo 1 18 Q9004) 

Lumenier QAV-R 2 Freestyle Quadcopter Frame 6 Lotus 69 No.2 Winner Pau GP 1970 (Jochen Rindt)
Lunsford TLR 5.0 Titanium Ball Stud Kit 4.8mm (14) LNS7737

Lynx Heli Innovations 130 X Swash Plate Red Devil Edition LX0354   0
M&M's Puzzlemania 20 Round Puzzle 500 Pieces In A Tin

Very Thin Ice

Believe it or not, the video series called Autotune the News is ten years old. To celebrate the occasion, Andrew Gregory of the Gregory Brothers went back to Autotune the News #2 and expanded on the segment with Kate Couric that includes the phrase "very thin ice," and made an entire song about it. Ten years later, we are on even thinner ice. -via Metafilter

The Girl Who Jumped Out of a Pie and Into a Gilded Age Morality Tale

You might recall seeing a woman bursting out of a cake in old movies, or more likely, old cartoons. It was a trope reserved for truly lavish and hedonistic occasions. If you've ever wondered how that idea got started, it was a party in 1895, ostensibly to celebrate Ellliot Cowdin’s 10th wedding anniversary, but since there were no women invited, it was more of a stag party. The dessert was a huge pie, from which 16-year-old Susie Johnson emerged, to the surprise and delight of the guests.

For the posh set of late-19th century New York City—a coterie as obsessed with public prudery as with private adultery—the “Pie-Girl” dinner was a sensation. “The ‘Girl in the Pie’ at the Three Thousand Five Hundred Dollar Dinner in Artist Breese’s New York Studio,” declared the New York World, above an illustration of Johnson thronged by besuited men, spread like a Venus in pastry. The picture was as scandalous as the dinner’s cost: more than 2,300 times the daily wage of a day laborer.

In the New York World illustration, architect Stanford White stands to Susie Johnson’s left, wielding a large kitchen knife as though about to carve her. According to the article, shortly after the party, Susie Johnson posed “by electric light” at an artist’s studio, a euphemism for sex work, and went missing soon after. “Poor Susie Johnson, dazzled by the lavish compliments and surprised by the liberality of her distinguished patrons,” reported the World. “Perhaps this article will bring Susie Johnson home to her parents and put a stop to the midnight revels in New York’s fashionable studios.”

The guests at the notorious party included Nicola Tesla and Stanford White, who later made the papers for raping Evelyn Nesbit and then being murdered. Read about the girl in the pie at Atlas Obscura.

M-023 Panamerikana Nr 4, 1 18 CMC

M109A3G TAMIYA 37022 Italeri No.22 1 35 Model Kit Carro armato Tanks Nuovo New Lotus 76 R. Peterson 1974 th German GP 1 43 Model TRUE SCALE MINIATURES
M-156 Ferrari 250 Gto Targa Floria No 86 1962 Lim 1500 1 18 Cmc

In Science: Study Finds Out That Americans Are Sitting More Today

M3E30 1 18 RARE minichamps version Franziskaner DTM

M-5468 54 Key Electronic KEYBOARD with External Speaker and Microphone


The Bob Ross - Finger Puppet and Magnet


Lotus F1 18 German Gp 1961 T.Maggs Light bluee White Spark 1 43 S4821

Let the LOTUS F1 18 Gp Montecarlo 1961 M.May White SPARK 1 43 S1828 Model help you bring the joy back to your life. Bob is but a small reminder that there are no mistakes, just happy little accidents.

This might sound crazy, but don't be afraid to put Bob to work. He isn't here just to entertain you. When you aren't playing with him place him on your fridge. He's not just a finger puppet, he is a magnet too. Bob loves hanging around the kitchen and showing off the artwork of fellow artists.  

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In Houston: Dress Code for Parents Implemented at a High School

Madballs Rollercycle Vintage Toys Amtoy 1986 Collectibles Retro Rare
Madelman original vintage first issue soldier, rare
Mage Wars - Druid Vs. Necromancer - Card Game Expansion

Lost Battalion Sergeants Pegasus Bridge Expansion Box SW
Magic Mirror Guess Passwords Real Life Chamber Room Escape Props
Lotus XI Héchard-Masson Le Mans 1957 (Spark 1 43 S4401)
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